The Workhouse Games – Sport and Celebration

Workhouse Tales

10april02 coronation celeb com_edited

The spectacle of the Commonwealth Games has reminded me of how the Coronation of King Edward in 1902 was celebrated by the management and inmates of Swansea Workhouse.

A Coronation Celebrations Committee had been established several week prior to the event to plan decorations, food and celebratory events. There was to be a special dinner for the inmates, similar to the one provided at Christmas along with gifts of tobacco and snuff. The officers of both the workhouse and cottage homes were also given dinner and extra recreational time. Decorations and flags – both the Union Jack and Welsh Dragon – were to be purchased and some ‘outdoor’ paupers were given an extra allowance.


King Edward VII in his Coronation robes

On the day of celebration itself the Loughor Band played on the field during the sports and Mrs Tarr, the wife of a guardian, provided a Punch and Judy Show. A ping pong set or set of…

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